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The apple cart
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The apple cart

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Bom estado de conservação
  • Edição: 1960
  • Idioma: Inglês
  • Dimensões: 11 x 18
  • Nº Páginas: 120
  • Tipo: Livro
  • Estado: Usado
  • Editora: Penguin
  • Autor: Shaw, Bernard
Tema: Inglês, Livros em Língua Estrangeira
Referência: LT013966
Colecção: Penguin Plays 

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Leituria Lisboa, Lisboa Disponível -+
  • Descrição

  • Estado de Conservação

The Apple Cart: A Political Extravaganza, a wry political satire, was completed in December 1928 and first performed in Warsaw (in Polish) in June 1929. Its English premiere was at the first Malvern Drama Festival in August 1929. It is a satirical comedy about several political philosophies which are expounded by the characters, often in lengthy monologues. Its plot concerns a monarch, the fictional English King Magnus, who is assaulted by his elected cabinet. The elected cabinet feels that the king is too meddlesome and threatens to resign if he does not sign an ultimatum, which in effect would strip him of his authority and turn him into a powerless figurehead. Either way, the king would be doomed, without a cabinet or without power—his dilemma is the play’s catalyst. However, the King Magnus spars with, and ultimately outwits, Prime Minister Proteus and his cabinet, who seek to strip the monarchy of its remaining political influence. A political debate starts in which many sides and problems are discussed and revealed. A brief interlude on marriage and adultery, as well as a scene with an American ambassador mocking full democracy and capitalism are also the parts of the political debate. The King Magnus opposes the corporation “Breakages Limited”, which controls politicians and impedes technical progress.

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